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The Product Manager's Prompt BookThe Innovator's Prompt BookThe AI-Powered Design Sprint PlaybookRevolutionise how you work with ChatGPT and other AI tools. These books are full of practical, battle-tested prompts and techniques for leveraging AI to the max.

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productprompts.fm - music to write prompts to. Music designed by AI to boost focus and creativity.
Remove distraction and get more done with less effort.

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Regular Youtube videos and webinars where I go hands-on with making stuff with ChatGPT.

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✅ Free copies of: the Product Manager's Prompt Book, the Innovator's Prompt Book and The AI-Powered Design Sprint Playbook.✅ Minimum 50% discount on future e-books and guides✅ An active discord community✅ Expert AMAs✅ Prompt-along webinars✅ Free access to ProductPrompts.fm (Premium version coming soon)✅ Bi-weekly AI Roadmap report

Product Prompts
Product Prompts

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Product Prompts Pro is in "Permanent Beta". This means there'll be new and updated content added regularly, and you'll get access to everything.Generative AI is evolving at such a breathtaking pace, with new tech constantly being released, and the Permanent Beta offers you a guaranteed way to always have access to the most up-to-date guides, e-books, courses, news and more.

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Save 100s of hours of ChatGPT tinkering. Pro Membership includes 3 best-selling e-books, The Product Manager's Prompt Book, The Innovator's Prompt Book. and The AI-Powered Design Sprint Playbook. Separately these retail at ~$20 each.Plus a Prompt Writing email coursePlus a Notion library of use case-driven prompts and prompt chainsPlus access to a discord community

Product Prompts

The Product Prompts Pro roadmap

-> Video courses (H2 2023)-> New e-books (Q2 2023)-> GPT-4 coding demos (Q2 2023)-> Live Office Hours sessions plus recordings (H2 2023)And everything else that's ever added, is all yours!(the products and timelines on this roadmap are, of course, subject to change.)

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Hi everyone,I'm Martin, creator of Product Prompts.As someone who has worked in product and innovation for a long time, I know how important it is to stay ahead of the game.And the explosive growth in generative AI adoption has caught many people off guard. OpenAI has led the charge, with an incredible pace of new releases.That's why I started Product Prompts, the ultimate toolkit and support network to help you make the most of the latest advancements in AI, both for your day-to-day work as well as for your products.I believe that generative AI has the power to fundamentally transform the way we approach product, and I'm excited to help you unlock its full potential.

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